Emotional and mental health

Mental and emotional health is directly and directly related to our well-being. A couple of decades ago the term "Emotional health" was not used in wide circles. Well-being: physical, social, material, spiritual - it determines the quality of the relationship, the standard of living, the attitude to oneself, as well as the ability to cope with difficulties and achieve the desired goal.

Being emotionally healthy is much more than just being calm, managing your emotions, being free from depression, anxiety or psychological problems. It's rather the opposite of positivity, enthusiasm, a sea of ​​energy, success, openness and trust in the world, a subtle sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself, purposefulness and a clear understanding of one's desires and goals, a balance between work and leisure, play and serious business, , Rejoice and be grateful, this is self-confidence and high self-esteem, flexibility and adaptability to the world around us. Emotional health allows people to contribute to our wonderful world through their creativity, sense, ability to cope with stress and help other people.

Being emotionally healthy does not mean that people are always "on horseback." We all go through different tests in life and are light, complex and exorbitantly heavy, we go through disappointments, losses, changes, moves, betrayals, treason, accusations, we lose loved ones, money, property, rights. Emotions make our life bright, but they too are both positive and negative, so even in good times we sometimes feel sad, worried, angry, jealous or jealous.

The only difference is that people emotionally healthy have a resource and overcome difficulties, stress, make decisions, take responsibility, remain in focus in any situation, both successful and difficult.

One of the key factors of emotional health is the balance between stress and emotions, the ability to recognize and recognize your emotions, give your emotions an exit so that they do not get stuck in the body, preparing a place for future illnesses.

The next factor is the ability to create support. Trust in people can quickly restore your stamina. Our social mind can not do without communication and interaction with other people who can enrich and make us stronger. We come here not to survive, we come to learn to be happy and to love. Carefully choose those with whom you spend time and share feelings.

Physical health is directly related and depends on the emotional and mental components. Therefore, in order to maintain emotional health, it is desirable to engage in physical exercises. Exercises not only strengthen the body, but also release it from negative emotions and release endorphins, which improve mood and increase energy levels. The choice that we make every day or contributes to our health, or vice versa, takes our forces and resources. Here the process is reciprocal. Getting enough sleep is also an important condition for maintaining physical and emotional health, a gaunt and irritated person never radiates happiness to others.

It is also recommended to make a choice towards a healthy and moderate diet. Improperly selected diet can not only lead to excess kilograms, but also cause anger, a sense of lostness, hopelessness and create tension. I'm omitting the topic of alcohol and smoking here, not to mention other addictions, as they take away our freedom and shorten our lives.

Very much affects the emotional health of the sun. It is proved that in sunny cities people are more cheerful. Rejoice in the sun and thank him for contributing to our vibrant diversity. After all, we live in one of the sunniest cities.

Here are some tips to help anyone who wants to improve their emotional health:

To strengthen emotional and mental health, pay attention to your feelings, needs and desires, ignoring which in favor of someone or something, we become offended and unhappy. Do not allow stress and negative emotions to linger with you for a long time, because they are cunningly transformed into depression and insomnia. Try to balance your daily responsibility and daily joy and pleasure, this is the greatest ability of happy people.

It is also very useful to help others and inspire them to higher goals, to rejoice in their success. Discipline yourself and organize your day in a rich way, not forgetting about yourself, study and learn new things, it increases your brain and emotional intelligence, travel and expand your horizons, listen to calm music, enjoy nature, walk on foot before going to bed, be attentive to yourself and others , Smile more often, especially difficulties, be careful with the media, there is a lot of negativity. Also watch your thoughts, because there is no greater enemy to man than he is. Communicate with successful, interesting and cheerful people, laugh, praise yourself, live with pleasure and gratitude. Remember: all people are different and they do not have to do and live as we want.

Absolutely agree that writing or speaking is certainly easier than arranging your life with joy and gratitude. Serious obstacles to emotional and mental health are psychological trauma and heart walls, which I intend to write about in the next issues.