Natural Remedies for depression

Depression is one of the most painful conditions for any person. An important condition for getting out of it is a personal desire to be cured and live a happy life. Many people, constantly experiencing depression and anxiety, find solace in the uncontrolled intake of antidepressants. However, practice shows that this is not the best way out of the situation. Doctors have long come to the conclusion that depression is perfectly treated with herbs. And this is a well-grounded opinion, because medicinal plants have long been considered an effective method of healing from various diseases. It was from nature that all the medicinal components came into pharmacology.

Diagnostic measures to determine the type of developing depression should be carried out by an experienced specialist. Professional consultation is necessary for selection of qualitative treatment of a depressive condition. Using the collected information, the doctor will thoroughly analyze the patient's condition and recommend the necessary herbs. Treatment with nontraditional methods very often has incompatibility with medicines, for this reason, expert advice is simply necessary.

The course of the disease is affected by various factors: a lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body, a deficiency of proteins and amino acids. In this case, the herbs will not have the desired therapeutic effect. The basis of successful treatment is the balance of nutrients in the patient's blood.

St. John's Wort

An effective component of the plant is hypericin, which is found in St. John's wort flowers. The substance has an oily structure. Infusions and solutions with the application of St. John's wort have contraindications and require the utmost care when taking. You can not use St. John's wort in combination with antidepressants, because in this situation the patient is waiting for the opposite effect, not the desired one. The main cause of this manifestation is the effect of the substance on the digestive organs, primarily on the liver. After taking a healing infusion, metabolism is enhanced, which ensures the fastest removal of medicinal components from the body, that is, drugs do not even have time to show their stated properties. St. John's wort has long been recognized as a natural antidepressant, which quickly and qualitatively helps to get out of the oppressed state. For the treatment, two parts of the plant are used: leaves and flowers.

Recipe. The way of preparation is simple enough: 1-2 small spoons of dried flowers and herbal part of St. John's wort should be poured with boiling water in a volume of 200 ml and let stand for 10 minutes. For each reception should be brewed a fresh portion. It is necessary to drink medicinal tea two or three times a day for several months. The therapeutic effect begins about a month after the start of herbal decoction. The usual portion of pharmacy hypericin is 300 milligrams of 0.3% extract from flowers of the plant with three meals a day.

It is required to strictly and accurately observe the dose and time of taking this natural medicine for depression.

Schisandra Chinese Schizandra

Strong stressful shocks, mood swings, prolonged state of depression require maximum attention to one's health. Using natural components, you can significantly improve your well-being with depression. Chinese magnolia-tree perfectly copes with experiences, torments of soul, uncertainty, and also raises vital mood.

A pleasant consequence of the treatment with magnolia vine is the increased activation of adrenal function, an increase in sexual desire, an improvement in liver function. Thanks to the use of Chinese magnolia vine, the body can easily cope with toxins and harmful substances accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract. The standard dose of the drug is 500 milligrams twice a day - in the morning and at lunchtime, in the evening you can not use lemon grass, otherwise there will be problems with sleeping.

In pharmacies, alcoholic tincture of lemongrass berries is also sold, which is recommended to be used with reduced efficiency, loss of strength, sluggish mood and other similar conditions. Dosage is 20-30 drops 2 times a day. In particularly severe cases, with very high workloads and increased emotionality, the allowable rate can be exceeded to 40 drops at a time.

Recipe. You will need dried and shredded magnolia berries in the amount of 20 grams, they need to be poured into 100 ml of pure alcohol, put the composition in a dark bottle and put it in a dark place without access to direct sunlight. It is necessary to insist the solution within 10 days, periodically mixing and shaking. After the expiry of the week, it is necessary to open the bottle, squeeze the berries, and leave the liquid alone for 2-3 days. The final process of processing will be straining: in the end, a clear infusion should be obtained.

As a vitamin, you can apply tincture without alcohol. 10 grams of dried berries must be crushed and boiled in 200 ml of clean water. After percolation, you can drink infusion in the form of tea. To taste, you can add honey or sugar.

Compliance with the dosage and time of taking medication is a prerequisite for a successful process of treating depression with folk remedies.

Passionflower (passionflower)

In the rating of soothing herbs, passion passion takes only the third place, since it does not have a very pronounced effect, but it helps to cope with a feeling of growing anxiety. A sense of anxiety is usually treated with medicinal antidepressants. It is worth noting that the use of passionflower is perfectly combined with the use of tablets from depression. Extract of this herb can be purchased at any pharmacy.

The recipe is extremely simple: 1 teaspoon of herbal tea should be filled with 150 ml of boiling water. After a 10-minute infusion, the solution can be filtered and can be used. To achieve a sedative effect, it is recommended to take the glass infusion shortly before sleep.

Homeopathic drug from the pharmacy is adopted according to the scheme: 20-60 drops before bedtime. The patient can calculate the number of drops himself, based on his condition and the desired result.