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What is Ambien?

Ambien (zolpidem) is a sedative, also called a hypnotic. Zolpidem affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with sleep problems insomnia). Ambien is used to treat insomnia. The immediate-release tablet is used to help you fall asleep when you first go to bed.

How to take

It is usual to be prescribed one tablet (10 mg) to be taken just before going to bed. Do not take more than one dose during a single night. If you are over 65 years of age, your doctor may consider the 5 mg strength tablets more suitable for you.

Take zolpidem exactly as your doctor tells you to. You could be advised to take a tablet on only two or three nights per week, rather than on every night

Possible side effects

Zolpidem may cause a severe allergic reaction. Stop taking zolpidem and get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor, such as: depression, anxiety, aggression, agitation, confusion, unusual thoughts, hallucinations, memory problems, changes in personality, risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger, or thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself.

Stop using zolpidem and call your doctor at once if you have:

  • chest pain, fast or irregular heartbeat, feeling short of breath;
  • trouble breathing or swallowing; or
  • feeling like you might pass out.

Common side effects may include:

  • daytime drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, feeling "drugged" or light-headed;
  • tired feeling, loss of coordination;
  • stuffy nose, dry mouth, nose or throat irritation;
  • nausea, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach; or
  • headache, muscle pain.


Do not take zolpidem for longer than your doctor advises. It is only recommended for a maximum period of four weeks. This is because your body gets used to this medicine quickly, and after this time it is unlikely to have the same effect. Your body can also become dependent on it when it is taken for longer than this. The tablets will make you sleepy and you could still feel sleepy the next day. Do not drive or use tools or machines on the following day unless at least eight hours have passed since you took the zolpidem tablet. Do not drink alcohol while you are on zolpidem. It will increase the risk of side-effects such as sleepwalking and doing other things which you are unable to remember when you wake up.

Zolpidem Price Without Prescription Legally

Medication ambien generic. Sleep is defined as "a regularly recurring, easily reversible state of the body, characterized by rest buy ambien online over the counter, immobility and a pronounced decrease in responses to external stimuli." Most healthy adults need 6-8 hours of sleep per night. It is believed that if daytime performance is significantly ambien prescription online reduced due to excessive drowsiness and this condition persists, despite 10mg ambien price a regular night sleep buy zolpidem online otc, for at least 8 hours, a thorough examination is necessary.

The structure or architecture of sleep is important. There are two phases - with rapid eye movements, also called REM sleep zolpidem 10mg price (from English rapid eye movements ambien without prescription) and without REM order ambien online. Sleep with REM (fast) order ambien online is characterized by muscle atony zolpidem tartrate 5mg cheap price, flashes of rapid eye movements, low amplitude EEG. Dreams usually occur ambien otc in a rapid stage. Sleep without REM (slow) is subdivided in stages 1-4, which are characterized by an increasing amplitude increase and a decrease in EEG wave frequency, a higher muscle tone. During sleep, there is a periodic alternation of the phase without REM and the phase with REM, with the duration of one cycle being about 90 minutes on average. If you sleep fragmented due to frequent short-term awakenings ambien generic or for some reason the distribution of sleep stages is buy ambien cr disturbed buy zolpidem online, excessive daytime sleepiness may develop, even if the total duration of sleep is not reduced.

Sleep in children

Sleep states and wakefulness buy ambien online in the fetus can be distinguished starting from the 28th week of gestational age. In the first months of life, control of carotid cycles and wakefulness is determined mainly by internal mechanisms, with a gradual adaptation to the change of day and night. The initial zolpidem tartrate 5mg over the counter stage of sleep in newborns and infants is usually represented ambien for sale by the REM-phase, which takes about 50% of the total time while you sleep. At the end of 4 months, sleep cycles are more like cycles in adults. By that time NREM already precedes the REM-sleep otc ambien. Newborns get ambien prescription not required and babies sleep for a long time. The relative share buy ambien cr online of REM sleep is higher for them than for older children and adults. Newborns spend in sleep about 16 hours with a fraction of REM sleep in 50%. In adults REM cheapest ambien with quick delivery sleep is about 20-25%. After 50 years, sleep is reduced, averaging 5.5-6 hours, while REM occupies only about 15%.

Sleep disturbance in adults and children

To date, there is the following classification buy ambien cr, which determines the disease of violation of sleep zolpidem cr:

  • 1. Insomnia (insomnia). Characterized by the difficulties of falling asleep and a short, interrupted sleep.
  • 2. Pathological drowsiness, or hypersomnia. With this disease, the time of disturbance of a night sleep on the contrary, increases, because a person constantly wants to sleep. As a consequence, the quality of life and efficiency are reduced.
  • 3. Sleep disorders in adults (sometimes in children) ambien for sale can hide in the malfunction of night and day rhythms. The correct mode of time due to the conditions of modern life: night shifts, duty for two days, etc. This type of disorder buy zolpidem online has a division, in turn, the syndromes are not a 24-hour daily cycle, a delayed otc ambien online and premature period.
  • 4. Parasomnias - behavioral reactions and experiences during sleep.
  • 5. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder, manifested by constant sleepiness order ambien online and a tendency to sleep at inappropriate times. Symptoms of narcolepsy: excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone ambien cr 12.5), "sleep paralysis" (sensation of immobility ambien without prescription), hypnagogic hallucinations (hallucinations that occur when falling asleep ambien generic and awakening) where to buy ambien tablets legally.

Diagnosis of sleep disorders

By themselves, difficulties with sleep buy ambien online overnight in most cases can be signs of various diseases (including quite serious ones). Diagnosis of sleep disorders is performed with difficulty in breathing, snoring, misconduct in children, awakening disorders, fears, nightmares, snoring, gnashing teeth, night enuresis, narcolepsy, ADHD syndrome, growth retardation, abstinence and sleep apnea syndrome, epilepsy and Insomnia 10mg ambien. To identify the cause of difficulties with sleep, one must best generic ambien conduct polysomnography (PSG).

PSG is a diagnosis that includes recording of EEG (4 channels), oculogram, ECG, myogram, recording of oxygen level in the blood, recording get cheap zolpidem price limb movements, measuring the respiratory flow, humidity indicator. Sleep disorders, according to some researchers, are among the most common psychopathological conditions. It is known that almost 35% of zolpidem 10mg tablets the population of USA ambien otc, at least from time to time, suffer from insomnia. The prevalence of sleep buy zolpidem online disorders in somatic patients is high. Thus, in the study of V.N. Kozyrev showed that only expressed insomnia, requiring medical correction, is observed in almost 14% of patients who applied for help in a physical hospital or a territorial polyclinic order ambien online.

Treatment of sleep disorders in these patients is a serious problem cheap ambien without prescription. Traditionally used for correction of insomnia in patients suffering from somatic diseases, tranquilizers of benzodiazepine structure with sufficient efficiency still do not always meet the requirements of internists regarding safety and drug ambien generic tolerance. So, they report otc ambien about a rather high incidence of side effects (attention disturbances 10mg ambien, daytime sleepiness, ataxia, muscle relaxation, hypotension buy ambien cr, respiratory center depression), especially in those cases when the dissomnia is formed against a somatic background and above all Cardiovascular and pulmonary pathology. Accordingly, the task of introducing new hypnotic means, which are more safe and better tolerated, remains relevant for zolpidem tartrate 5mg best price the patient zolpidem cost population in question buy ambien online overnight.

It is assumed that non-benzodiazepine hypnotic substances related to the imidazopyridine group may correspond to these requirements. Among the latter - zolpidem for sale (Iwadal), synthesized by Sanofi-Synthelabo. In clinical studies cheap ambien mg in patients with dissonant disorders without concomitant severe cardiovascular pathology, there were no side effects such as daytime drowsiness, withdrawal symptoms, etc. [6.8]. It seemed advisable to conduct a special safety study (including interaction with cardiotropic therapy), tolerability, zolpidem effectiveness buy ambien online overnight shipping in patients with coronary artery disease (IHD) and hypertensive disease (HB) ambien price online.

Pharmachologic effect

A hypnotic drug from the group of imidazopyridines buy ambien online next day delivery, buy zolpidem online a specific agonist of omega-CNS receptors. Shortens the time of falling asleep, reduces the number of nocturnal awakenings, increases the duration of sleep and improves its quality. Lengthens the phase II sleep, the phase of deep sleep (III and IV), 20 mg where to get ambien rx zolpidem cost does not affect the duration cheap generic ambien no prescription of the fast sleep phase.

  • Central miorelaxing and anticonvulsant effects are also characteristic.
  • Indications
  • Episodic, transient and chronic insomnia.
  • Dosing regimen

When administered orally for adults under the age of 65, a single dose is 10 mg, if necessary, it can be increased to 15-20 mg. For patients cost of ambien without prescription over 65 years of age or with concomitant hepatic failure, the initial single dose is 5 mg. Take immediately before bedtime. The course of treatment generic zolpidem no prescription - from a few days to 4 weeks. The maximum dose: 10 mg / day.

Side effects

From the side of the digestive system: in some cases - abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. From the side of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system: depending on the dose and individual sensitivity (especially in elderly patients to buy ambien online legally) - dizziness, imbalance, ataxia, headache zolpidem price, daytime drowsiness, attention deficit, muscle weakness, diplopia, anterograde amnesia, paradoxical ambien otc or psychopathological reactions ; Ricochet insomnia is possible when used in high doses or long-term treatment 20 mg ambien.

Allergic reactions: skin rash, itching. Other: rarely - violations of sexual desire; The development of addiction buy ambien cr online, the formation of mental and physical dependence order ambien online prescribed (when applied for several weeks.


Severe respiratory failure, nocturnal sleep apnea order ambien generic, severe hepatic insufficiency, children and adolescents under 15, I trimester of pregnancy, lactation (breastfeeding), hypersensitivity to zolpidem 10mg ambien.

Pregnancy and lactemia

Zolpidem no prescription is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation (breast-feeding). Application for violations of liver function ambien price cheap. Contraindicated in severe hepatic insufficiency. If liver function is insufficient, it may be necessary to reduce the dose of the drug buy zolpidem online.

Application for children

Contraindicated in children and adolescents under 15 years.

Special instructions

Not recommended for myasthenia gravis. Use with caution in patients with respiratory failure. If the liver function is insufficient, it may be necessary to reduce the dose buy ambien online without prescription. If you cancel therapy, the dose should be reduced gradually. The likelihood of developing addiction increases with prolonged use of zolpidem generic.

During the treatment period against the background of therapy, do not allow alcohol.

Influence on the ability to drive vehicles and manage mechanisms

During the treatment period ambien otc, one should refrain from potentially dangerous activities requiring concentration of attention and high speed of psychomotor reactions ambien for sale.

Drug Interactions

When used simultaneously with opioid analgesics, antitussives, barbiturates, antidepressants, sedatives, antihistamines, benzodiazepine, clonidine, neuroleptics, ethanol, symptoms of CNS and respiratory center depression may develop. With simultaneous use with rifampicin, the concentration of zolpidem in the blood plasma decreases, which is accompanied by a decrease in its hypnotic buy zolpidem online effect. The interaction is due to the induction of the isoenzyme CYP3A4. With the simultaneous use of CYP3A4 isoenzymes with inductors (including carbamazepine, phenytoin), it is suggested that the concentration of zolpidem ambien without prescription in the blood plasma can be reduced. With simultaneous application with clozapine, the risk of collapse, circulatory arrest and respiration increases.

A. Quantitative criteria for insomnia

  • regular delays with the onset of sleep (> 30 minutes)
  • 3 or more awakenings at night and difficulties with subsequent falling asleep
  • insufficient total sleep duration (<6 hours 30 minutes daily)
  • early morning awakening
  • a combination of these symptoms

B. Qualitative criteria of insomnia

  • Insufficient quality of sleep
  • a dream that does not restore strength zolpidem generic
  • poor state of health due to daytime drowsiness

From the study excluded (exclusion criteria) patients:

  • hypersensitivity to imidazopyridines
  • with psychotic (schizophrenia, delusional disorder) or other severe mental disorders (major depressive episode, manic conditions, etc.)
  • those already taking sleeping pills
  • abusing benzodiazepines, barbiturates, other psychotropic drugs ambien generic
  • with symptoms of dependence on psychoactive substances.

The studied sample consisted of 35 patients (16 males and 19 females, mean age 53.9 ± 1.2). Of them - 15 worked, 19 were on the disability of the II group for somatic disease, another was unemployed. IHD, manifested by angina pectoris of different functional classes (prevailed, however, patients with III functional class of angina), was diagnosed in 19 patients. Two patients were hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction buy ambien online legally. In 14 patients, hypertension (stage II and stage III) was identified 10mg ambien.

The drug was given in a fixed dose - 1 tablet (10 mg) orally at night, 30 minutes before the desired time of going to bed, for 14 days. Not allowed any other psychotropic substance. Patients were also asked not to take substances containing caffeine after 5 pm. The concomitant cardiotropic treatment was recorded in observation cards.

The safety and tolerability ambien for sale of zolpidem was assessed. At the same time, side effects were recorded, their severity (on a three-point scale: light-1, medium-2, severe-3), duration (in hours after awakening), effect on continuation of reception (reception continued or interrupted). Based on anamnestic data, patients who had previously used various psychotropic drugs as hypnotics were identified. At the same time ambien price over the counter, they recorded 20 mg ambien how many of these patients were accompanied by side effects. The degree of reduction of sleep disturbances was assessed. To do this, we used data from a 10-point visual analogue scale, which was filled before the start of treatment, on the 7th and 14th days of therapy. Comparison of the indicators on this scale was carried out using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.

To identify sleep disorders, the most sensitive to zolpidem therapy was factor analysis of patients complaints documented by selection criteria. Extraction of factors was carried out by the method of principal components, followed by Varimax-rotation. Factor loads> h 0.50p and patient records were taken into account when interpreting the factors. Later on, using Spearman rank correlation coefficient, the conjugation of individual factor values ​​of patients with indexes on a visual analogue scale was studied at the end of therapy of buy ambien online.

Sleep disorders within the second factor (sleep zolpidem price disorder, coupled with insomnia of frequent awakenings) are primarily represented by difficulty in falling asleep, frequent night awakenings, often associated with nightmarish dreams. In this case, distinct signs of hypochondriacal fixation were found. Manifestations of insomnia were manifested with the appearance (or intensification) of anxious fears about the outcome buy ambien online of the disease, the possibility of the development of myocardial infarction ambien 20 mg and / or stroke during night hours, and death during sleep - hyposomnia ambien cost within nosogenic reactions (reactions to constellation of psychogenic and situational factors associated with With the semantic significance of the diagnosis, awareness of the danger of the disease, physical suffering, change in the quality of life [3]). So, the patients showed timorous concern about the effect of insomnia on the somatic state. With increasing fear, they waited for the evening, with exaggerated attention, watched any buy ambien online changes in the qualitative and quantitative indicators of sleep. Often, this insomnia became an "independent" complaint. Even in the absence of signs of somatic discomfort during the night hours (attacks of angina pectoris, cardiac asthma, dysuric complaints, etc.), patients were often disturbed by frequent awakenings, after which they could not sleep for a long time. At the same time, the patients buy ambien online no prescription stressed that the lack of a full sleep is as painful as the manifestations of somatic suffering, often they themselves turned to the medical staff asking them to prescribe a sleeping pill.

The correlation analysis did not reveal zolpidem generic the relationship between the severity of the factor values ​​of the first factor and the indices of the visual analogue scale at the end of therapy. At the same time, a significant inverse correlation (r = -0.67, p <0.001) was established between the severity of the factor values ​​of the second factor and complaints at the end of therapy. This indicates that zolpidem is most effective in the disorder of the onset of sleep, coupled with insomnia of frequent awakenings.

It was found that the reception of buy ambien online legally, as a rule, is not accompanied by side effects. Only three patients (8.6%) noted mild arousal, trembling in the body, heaviness in the head, which took place in the afternoon, were not regarded as serious adverse events. Only one of these patients insisted on discontinuing therapy on the 8th day ambien cost of taking zolpidem. Such data were significantly different from the information on the tolerability of other tranquilizers, used by patients as sleeping pills earlier. It was found that five (33%) of the 15 patients taking nitrazepam (9 observations), lorazepam (2 observations), phenazepam (2 observations), oxazepam (2 observations), side effects (most often daytime drowsiness).

During the study, there were no clinically significant interactions with drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease: blockers (propranolol, atenolol), calcium antagonists (verapamil, diltiazem, nifedipine, isradipine), antiplatelet agents (acetylsalicylic acid, dipyridamole), saluretic (Hydrochlorothiazide, furosemide), nitrates (isosorbide mononitrates and dinitrates), ACE inhibitors (captopril, enalapril), antihypertensives (clonidine), antiarrhythmics (amiodarone, mexiletine).

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